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Press release

1 year ago

M-Help is a Ukrainian hospitals medical aid request system addressed to charity organizations and colleagues worldwide.

All requests are identified, translated and placed in organized lists that are easy to work with. A team of volunteer pharmacists and doctors from Latvia and Sweden carefully translate and identify all requested drugs, assign them with ATC codes, identify doses, add latin terms, and set required temperatures.

In case of a request for medical equipment, volunteers provide all info with necessary details in English. Volunteers also verify signed documentation from Hospitals and help with direct contacts with requesters. The system also creates reports and records all data for further accountancy and delivery needs.

In the system we already have more than 25 Ukrainian hospitals including children’s hospitals and large regional hospitals, mostly from war-affected areas like Kyiv, Dnipro, Zaporizhzhia, Kirovohrad, Chernihiv, Donetsk, Sumy, Bucha, Kharkiv regions with more than 200 urgent aid request positions today.

There are also requests for different medical equipment such as hospital beds, surgical tables, monitors and other items, which could be sent from hospitals in other countries, as often these items are replaced and old ones simply lay in storage.

“We created this system because we believe that a direct system from hand to hand will be faster and more effective than the already existing slow governmental procedures. Medical help is more complex than any other help, so we gathered an international team of medical specialists who process information of these requests and send it to all aid organizations who want to participate”

We kindly ask all charity organizations and medical organizations worldwide who already help or want to help Ukraine with medical aid register here down below.

Please note that this system is only available for registered legal entities, charity funds, hospitals, international aid organizations and medical goods suppliers.

Information for media, please connect: [email protected]


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